Subway Hero Speaks Out: Daniel Penny Fights for Truth & Self-Defense Amid Libelous Lies

Daniel Penny, the man charged with manslaughter in the death of Jordan Neely, has spoken out in a stunning interview where he described the harrowing confrontation he had with Neely. According to Penny, Neely was a threat to multiple passengers on a New York subway and was yelling threats such as “I’m gonna kill you” and “I’m willing to die.” Penny says that he was scared for himself and the other passengers and knew he couldn’t sit still, so he tried to restrain Neely until the police arrived. Despite his heroic efforts to protect his fellow passengers, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided to charge Penny anyway.

Penny’s interview counters the outrageous accusations made against him in the liberal media. Some claimed that he was a white supremacist looking to hunt down a black man. However, Penny explains that this is not true and that he saw a man threatening passengers, many of whom were people of color. Penny also disputes the false narrative that he held Neely in a chokehold for 15 minutes. He clarifies that his entire interaction with Neely was less than five minutes, during which he was trying to restrain rather than harm him.

Penny’s story is not only one of a hero’s valiant efforts to protect his fellow citizens, but it’s also a fight for the right to self-defense. If Penny is convicted, it would essentially nullify the right to defend oneself in a threatening situation. This cannot be allowed to be the new standard. Penny’s supporters believe that he acted in a reasonable way to confront someone who was a clear and present threat and that he deserves nothing but praise for his actions to protect others.

Written by Staff Reports

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