Liberal Media Panic: Trump-Favored Judge to Oversee High-Profile DOJ Case

The mainstream media, typically liberal-leaning, is transitioning from their initial enthusiasm regarding Donald Trump’s latest indictment by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to a certain apprehension, owing to the assignment of the judge for the case. Rather than a Democratic-appointed judge in a predominantly left-wing jurisdiction of DC, the case has been moved to Florida.

Here, Judge Aileen Cannon, who previously presided over the case following the controversial FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, will oversee proceedings. Judge Cannon is known for her ruling in favor of Trump’s demand for a “special master,” a neutral third-party lawyer, to assess whether the documents discovered in Trump’s residence by the DOJ and FBI were protected by executive privilege – a contention often dismissed by legal pundits.

The media perceives her past judgements concerning Trump as a possible indication of bias, and has urged her to withdraw from the case. Yet, should the media’s appetite for scandal to reach their preferred conclusion really surprise us? Judge Cannon’s inclusion, who has demonstrated she won’t be easily bulldozed by the DOJ, could, in fact, heighten the perception of impartiality.

Written by Staff Reports

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