Biden’s DOJ Targets Trump: McCarthy Fights Back in Shocking Probe

Former President Donald Trump’s indictment in a classified documents probe by the corrupt Justice Department led by President Joe Biden has caught the attention of one of his top Republican allies, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The Speaker has spoken out, promising to launch an investigation into how and why Trump was charged. This indictment has been considered by many congressional Republicans as a blatant weaponization of the system against one’s political opponents. Trump has always maintained that he is innocent in all the cases against him.

“This is a very dark day in America. When you think about what they’re trying to indict President Trump on, you’ve got a sitting president right now in the exact same situation,” McCarthy said, referring to President Joe Biden’s classified documents investigation, which in reality is far more serious than Trump’s case. McCarthy added that President Biden has the same documents, and even worse, documents when he was a senator.

In this regard, McCarthy announced that he is working with other GOP lawmakers to investigate these fraudulent charges. He is working with House Oversight Chairman James Comer and Chairman Jim Jordan to ensure equal justice. McCarthy also pointed out that the Justice Department, under Biden, treated Trump differently from others, which is unfair.

Many people have praised McCarthy’s promise to investigate the charges, although some doubts remain. One Twitter user quite rightly suggests impeachment for Biden. Congressional Republican leaders must act and charge all the liberals proven to have lied to Congress.

So now, we wait and see if McCarthy’s investigation will change anything, although it is doubtful. But this is just how President Biden operates, and America deserves better.

Written by Staff Reports

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