Greene’s Bold Move: Defunding Dems’ Trump Witch Hunt!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia proved once again that she is a true patriot and defender of justice when she announced her plan to defund the biased and politically-driven office of Special Counsel Jack Smith. Greene took to Twitter to declare her commitment to stopping the weaponization of government and to secure justice for former President Donald Trump.

This appropriations rider that Greene is crafting will ensure that Smith’s office and entire investigation, which is based on baseless and partisan allegations against former President Trump, will no longer receive any funding from taxpaying Americans. It’s a bold move, but it’s essential to stop these corrupt bureaucrats from continuing to waste taxpayers’ hard-earned money on a false narrative.

Greene is calling on her fellow conservative colleagues to join her in this endeavor to make sure that justice is served and that the Democrats’ witch hunt against President Trump is finally put to an end. The investigation, which was launched at the behest of the Biden administration, is nothing but a sham and designed to undermine President Trump’s legacy.

It’s important to note that any appropriations rider requires the support of the majority of lawmakers in both the House and Senate. It is an uphill battle, but one that Greene and her fellow Republican patriots are willing to fight to put an end to the Democrats’ political agenda.

In recent days, the Democrats have continued to show their true colors by indicting former President Trump on false felony charges. It’s just another baseless attempt to smear Trump’s reputation and further their political agenda. Meanwhile, they continue to ignore the real crimes committed by the Biden administration and turn a blind eye to corruption within their own party.

It’s time for Republicans and all true patriots to stand up for what’s right and put an end to the Democrats’ political witch hunt against President Trump. We need to support Rep. Greene’s efforts and defund the biased and politically-driven office of Special Counsel Jack Smith once and for all.

Written by Staff Reports

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