Betrayed by Their Own: GOP Supporters Roast Pence Over Trump Fallout

Former Vice President Mike Pence faced ridicule and criticism from attendees at a rally in New Hampshire. They accused him of betraying former President Trump by not supporting his claims of election fraud. One heckler called Pence a traitor and a sell-out, while another questioned why he didn’t uphold the constitution. In response, Pence defended himself, claiming he had indeed upheld the constitution.

It seems that Pence has been seizing every opportunity to distance himself from Trump and gain some profit along the way. He has even started selling merchandise with the slogan “I’m too honest” to capitalize on Trump’s recent legal battles. This move only further exacerbates the rift between Pence and Trump.

Unfortunately for Pence, his efforts to distance himself from Trump have not been well received by the public. According to a poll by FiveThirtyEight, Pence is trailing far behind Trump in popularity. With a 54.5 percent unfavorable rating and only 30 percent favoring him, it’s clear that Pence has a long way to go if he wants to be a serious contender.

It’s disheartening to see Pence turn his back on a president who did so much for the conservative movement. It appears that he values his own political career over the principles and values that brought him into office in the first place. The country deserves a leader who puts the constitution and the American people above their own ambitions. Pence’s actions clearly show that he is not that leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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