Kamala Harris Spews New Gibberish, Americans Baffled!

Vice President Kamala Harris once again demonstrated her talent for word salad, this time while discussing banks. In a speech that seemed to imply that Americans are not capable of understanding basic concepts, Harris felt the need to explain that “community banks are in the community” and that investing in them benefits the community.

Harris elaborated, “For years, we have been working to increase investment in community banks because, you know, they specialize in providing loans and financial assistance to small business owners, especially those in overlooked and underserved communities. And as the name implies, community banks are actually located in the community.”

It’s no surprise that the term “word salad” is often associated with Harris, considering her tendency to speak down to Americans as if they were young children. Unsurprisingly, Twitter users were quick to criticize her latest word salad. “But do they also offer banking services?” questioned Chad Gilmartin, Deputy Spokesman for Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Meanwhile, Derek Hunter from Townhall couldn’t resist referencing a classic line from The Simpsons: “She’s sooooo sMrT!”

It’s clear that Harris continues to struggle with communicating in a clear and concise manner. Perhaps she could benefit from taking a lesson or two in effective communication.

Written by Staff Reports

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