Dog-Gate: Biden’s Vicious Pet Exposes Family’s Lazy Attitude!

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have found themselves in hot water after their dogs continuously attacked staff members. The couple’s German Shepherds, Commander and Major, have reportedly bitten a total of seven people over the span of four months. This alarming behavior has earned the Bidens some harsh criticism from Politico senior editor Michael Schaffer, who called them “inconsiderate, entitled, and lousy.”

Schaffer didn’t hold back in his scathing critique of the first couple. He argued that while having a dog with aggressive behavior may not be a corrupt act, it is certainly an irresponsible and entitled one. He even suggested that if it weren’t for the Bidens’ political status, the dog would have already been put down. Ouch!

The article also shared an email from a White House staffer, who expressed frustration over the situation. The staffer stated that if the dog belonged to someone else, they would have taken swift action to address the issue. Schaffer concurred with this sentiment, advising the Bidens to get their dog under control.

The Politico editor didn’t stop there. He also questioned how the media would have reacted if the dogs belonged to a different administration, like the Reagans. Schaffer implied that they would have been quick to label the pet owners as entitled elitists, comparing the situation to Marie Antoinette. Talk about a double standard!

In addition to the dog controversy, the article also mentioned another bizarre story involving Joe Biden’s alleged refusal to acknowledge his seventh grandchild. According to Schaffer, these instances challenge the public’s perception of Biden as a family man. It’s clear that the Bidens’ reputation as pet owners is clashing with the reality of their dogs’ aggression.

As a conservative, it’s refreshing to see a reputable news outlet shedding light on this issue. The biased media often tries to protect and defend politicians from their mistakes. However, it’s important for the public to hold our elected officials accountable, even in matters as seemingly trivial as their pets’ behavior. Hopefully, the Bidens will take heed of this criticism and address the problem before any more harm is done.

Written by Staff Reports

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