Biden 2024: A Vote for Kamala? Voters Doubt Joe’s Stamina, Eye GOP Hopefuls

Americans are starting to wise up to the fact that a vote for Joe Biden in 2024 is basically a vote for his tag-along sidekick, Kamala Harris. A recent survey by CBS News and YouGov revealed that only 34 percent of registered voters actually believe Biden would make it through a second term if he were re-elected. That’s just pathetic. And as if that weren’t bad enough, a whopping 44 percent of voters think Biden would leave office before finishing his full second term, leaving the country in the questionably capable hands of Vice President Harris.

Now, let’s not forget that Kamala Harris has some interesting quirks. She’s been known to babble on about concentric circles and the mysterious meaning of time passing. Frankly, it’s a little concerning that she’s one heartbeat away from the presidency. But hey, who needs a leader with a firm grip on reality, right?

But wait, it gets worse for old Sleepy Joe. Twenty-two percent of voters aren’t even sure if he’ll be able to serve out a full second term. I mean, come on, can we get some certainty here? We need a president who can stick around for the long haul, not someone who might bail out before their term is up.

And let’s compare this to the revered Donald J. Trump. In the same poll, a whopping 55 percent of registered voters believed Trump would finish his second term, while only 16 percent thought he’d leave office prematurely. Now that’s a leader people have confidence in. But hey, what do these people know? They’re probably just brainwashed by the liberal media, right?

Now, when it comes to physical health, it’s clear that Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump. A solid 43 percent of voters believe that Trump is the one physically fit enough to be president, while only 16 percent think Biden can handle the job. I mean, have you seen Biden stumble his way up a flight of stairs? It’s almost painful to watch. And don’t even get us started on mental fitness. Forty-four percent of voters recognize that Trump has the cognitive capacity to lead, while only 26 percent think Biden can say the same. Almost a quarter think neither of them are up to the task, but hey, let’s just ignore that, shall we?

And let’s not forget the state of the nation. A staggering 37 percent of registered voters believe that things in America are going “very badly.” Doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement of Biden’s supposed leadership, does it? But you know what? He might not even have to convince Americans that they’re better off now. According to the poll, the main reason people plan to vote for Biden is not because they actually support him, but because they want to oppose Trump. It’s like they’re voting against the boogeyman, not for any actual substance.

But hold on to your MAGA hats, folks. In a recent survey by CNN, it turns out that Nikki Haley, the lone Republican contender, is beating Biden by a margin greater than the poll’s margin of error. Now, that’s what I call promising. Maybe there’s still hope for our great nation after all.

In conclusion, Americans are seeing through the charade of a Biden presidency and realizing that a vote for him is just a vote for Harris. The doubts about Biden’s ability to make it through a second term are well-founded, and the comparison to Trump only further highlights Biden’s shortcomings. The state of the nation is a mess, and people are starting to wake up to the fact that Biden isn’t the solution. It’s time for a fresh face, a true conservative leader who can bring this country back to greatness. Someone like Nikki Haley. Let’s make America great again, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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