Biden Abandons Israel: Trump Blasts Betrayal in New Hampshire Speech!

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, blaming him for the “weakness, conflict, and chaos” caused by Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israel. Trump accused Biden of “betraying” Israel and vowed to support the ally if he wins the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Trump pointed to three reasons for the Israel-Hamas war: Biden’s allowance of Iran selling oil, the United States giving Iran ransom money, and the perception of weakness from Biden’s leadership.

In a rally in New Hampshire, Trump promised to cut off funding to Palestinian terrorists and reinstate the travel ban on countries affected by terrorism. He also took a jab at Biden’s teleprompter problems, joking about the president getting “lost” after delivering speeches. Trump touted his achievements in normalizing Israel-Arab relations with the Abraham Accords, emphasizing his strong stance against Hamas.

Trump didn’t stop at foreign policy, he also criticized Biden’s inflation and immigration policies. He claimed that New Hampshire had been “sold out” and “ripped off” by globalists in Washington and Wall Street. Trump referred to former President Obama as Biden’s “boss” and sarcastically called Hillary Clinton “beautiful.” He accused Biden of prioritizing China, Mexico, Ukraine, and other countries over America and its workers.

According to RealClearPolitics, Trump holds a significant lead over other Republican contenders, including Governor Ron DeSantis. He also has a slight advantage over Biden in a hypothetical rematch for the next presidential election. Trump’s bold and straightforward criticisms of Biden’s policies resonate with his conservative base, who appreciate his commitment to putting America first.

Written by Staff Reports

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