Frank Biden Bares All on Gay Site: Biden Scandals Multiply!

It seems that the Biden family just can’t catch a break. In the latest scandal to rock the White House, a spicy nude photo of President Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, has been discovered on the internet. And not just any old website, folks. We’re talking about a gay porn website called Yikes!

The photo in question was uploaded back in 2018 when Frank was a ripe old age of 64. DailyMail got their hands on it and reached out to Frank for comment. Now, you would think that he would deny, deny, deny, right? But no, folks. Frank admitted that he was the man in the picture but claimed that his phone must have been hacked. Classic excuse, Frank.

But here’s the kicker. The nonprofit Marco Polo, whose sole purpose seems to be investigating the Biden family for alleged corruption and crimes, is the one who discovered the photo. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Marco Polo has been keeping a close eye on the Bidens for years, and this is just the cherry on top for them.

Now, let’s talk about the website these scandalous photos were posted on. is no stranger to showcasing selfies of naked men. Yep, it’s a “gay porn blog.” Seems like Frank decided to show off his baseball cap and glasses while posing in front of a bathroom mirror. Classy move, Frank. Classy move.

In the comments section under the photo, fans of Frank, or should we say “Daddy,” as some of them like to call him, expressed their appreciation. One user even went as far as saying, “Make me your b-word, Daddy!” Now, that’s just too much information for us, folks.

But wait, there’s more! Just like the rest of the Biden family, Frank has been surrounded by controversy. Members of Congress have raised suspicions about the Bidens having offshore bank accounts. And let’s not forget the whole Hunter Biden scandal. It’s like the Bidens have a secret talent for attracting trouble.

One Republican congressman, Rep. Comer, dropped a bombshell when he mentioned Frank’s name in relation to these alleged bank accounts. The allegations don’t stop there, folks. House Republicans claim that the Biden family received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies through a corrupt influence-peddling scheme. Talk about dirty money.

But it doesn’t end there, folks. The Bidens apparently set up more than 20 shell companies during Joe Biden’s vice presidency and funneled millions through them. It’s yet another example of the Biden family’s alleged shady dealings. They might as well open their own casino with all that shell company action.

So, there you have it, folks. Frank Biden’s nude photo scandal is just another chapter in the grand saga of the Biden family. With scandals like this, it’s a wonder how they find time to govern. But hey, at least they keep things interesting. Stay tuned for more jaw-dropping twists and turns in the Biden family drama.

Written by Staff Reports

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