Biden Accused of Heartless Snub by CNN Panel Over 7th Grandchild

In a recent panel discussion on CNN, the refusal of Joe Biden to recognize his seventh grandchild was a topic of concern. The panel, consisting of various commentators, expressed their sadness and unease over Biden’s decision. Host Dana Bash kicked off the conversation by stating that the story was “sad and disturbing on so many levels.” She acknowledged that families can be complicated, especially when there are underlying issues, like those within the Biden family. Bash also emphasized Biden’s role as the President and the impact this decision could have on his political brand.

Another panelist chimed in, pointing out the striking aspect of the story – that it revolves around a four-year-old child who is aware of her biological grandfather. This panelist mentioned how difficult it is to reconcile this situation politically and even as an ordinary person just reading about it. They noted that it contradicts the image of Joe Biden that has been presented to the public for a long time.

The story behind the unseen granddaughter is quite a scandal. She was the product of an affair between Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, and Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former stripper from DC. Initially, Hunter denied being the child’s father, but a court-ordered DNA test proved otherwise. In 2020, Hunter reached an agreement with Roberts regarding child support payments. However, when Hunter tried to modify the deal, it led to further legal battles. In the end, Hunter had to reimburse Roberts for the child’s health insurance costs and compensate her with some of his paintings in exchange for her dropping her claim that the child should have the Biden last name.

What’s even more concerning is that Joe Biden himself has refused to acknowledge the existence of this granddaughter. In April, he publicly declared that he has six grandchildren and is crazy about them, conveniently leaving out the seventh. White House aides have also been instructed not to acknowledge the child’s existence. This deliberate attempt to hide his own family’s situation raises questions about Biden’s transparency and character.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has allegedly tried to cover up his son’s questionable choices. Investigative journalist Paul Sperry reveals that Hunter Biden has a history of trouble. He was arrested in 1988 for possession of a controlled substance, specifically cocaine. This incident occurred in Stone Harbor, NJ, where he was caught doing drugs in a car outside of a party. Despite his arrest, Hunter only received six months of probation. However, with the help of an influential US senator from a neighboring state (hint: his father Joe Biden), his criminal record was quickly expunged.

These revelations about the Biden family paint a concerning picture. Joe Biden’s refusal to acknowledge his own granddaughter and his alleged involvement in covering up his son’s past mistakes raise serious doubts about the integrity of his character and his ability to lead. It is important for the public to be aware of these issues as they have implications for the credibility and trustworthiness of the President.

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