CNN Fumbles Over Biden’s Temper Tantrum – You Won’t Believe Their Twist!

CNN recently held a struggle session over the news that President Joe Biden has a temper tantrum problem, and it seems like they couldn’t resist taking a few shots at him in the process. The report from Axios revealed that behind closed doors, Biden is not the calm and collected leader that he portrays to the public. In fact, he has a quick-trigger temper that has led some aides to avoid meeting alone with him. This news certainly contradicts the image that Biden and his enablers in the mainstream press have been trying to craft over his 50+ years in public office.

During the CNN struggle session, Laura Coates, the fill-in anchor, expressed her surprise that the “Biden we know” isn’t who he really is behind closed doors. She questioned how this information was obtained and who is complaining about it, to which the Axios reporter, Alex Thompson, responded that both current and former staff have reported Biden’s angry behavior. He even mentioned that Biden had a temper going back to the early 2000s and that he would often humiliate and embarrass his staff. Coates seemed taken aback by this revelation, as it goes against the notion that Biden is a respectful and dignified leader.

Coates also pointed to a video of Biden on his first day in office, where he promised to fire any staffer who treated another person with disrespect. She contrasted this promise with the revelations from Axios, questioning why this behavior is only coming to light now. Thompson explained that Biden knows the difference between his public and private persona and has shown a lot of skill in maintaining his public image. However, former Biden administration aides have reported that he hasn’t lived up to his own standards of civility behind closed doors.

It’s worth noting that the only known instance where Biden took action against someone for disrespect was when his deputy press secretary threatened a reporter. However, Biden initially only gave him a one-week suspension before being forced into “resigning” after facing public pressure. This incident raises questions about Biden’s commitment to his own standards of civility.

While it’s refreshing to see CNN address the story about Biden’s temper tantrums, it’s hard not to wonder why they didn’t uncover this information during his 2020 presidential run. Perhaps if they had been busy actually covering Biden instead of covering for him, they could have exposed this behavior earlier. But hey, better late than never, right?

In conclusion, the struggle session at CNN revealed a side of Biden that contradicts his public image of being respectful and dignified. It also exposed the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, which claims to be champions of civility but turns a blind eye to their own leader’s angry outbursts. This story highlights the importance of independent journalism and the need to dig beneath the surface to uncover the truth about our leaders.

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