Biden’s Euro Trip: Comedy or Crisis? Lithuania Prez Plays Babysitter!

The bumbling adventures of Joe Biden in Europe continue, and it’s starting to look more like a comedy sketch than a presidential visit. First, he confused and stumbled around with King Charles in the U.K., and now he’s found a new caretaker in Lithuania’s President Gitanas Nausėda. In a cringe-worthy moment, Nausėda had to physically move Biden into place and instruct him on basic tasks like standing on a red carpet. It’s like watching a child being guided by their parent, except in this case, the child is the leader of the free world.

But the real eyebrow-raising moment came when Biden made a joke about the Lithuanian Presidential Medal of Freedom. As Nausėda showed him the medal, Biden quipped, “I’m gonna wear that.” Not only did Nausėda not seem amused, but it’s doubtful Biden will be receiving that medal anytime soon. It’s never a good idea to joke about national honors, especially when you’re already struggling to project strength and competence on foreign soil.

And let’s not forget Biden’s penchant for avoiding questions from the press. After his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Biden glanced at the press pool but quickly turned and shuffled away without taking any questions. It’s becoming a pattern with him, dodging the media while simultaneously making statements that raise more questions than answers.

One such statement that has people scratching their heads is Biden’s comment about quickly sending “thousands of troops” when Russia invaded for the second time. The problem is, it’s unclear what he’s actually referring to. Is he talking about Ukraine? Lithuania? It’s anyone’s guess with Biden. This lack of clarity and coherence on the world stage is concerning, as a careless word from him could have serious consequences. Just look at his previous statement about being fine with a “minor incursion” in Ukraine, which caused outrage and damage control.

It’s only a matter of time before the White House tries to walk back Biden’s comments, and some poor staffer will likely be on the receiving end of his wrath. But it’s not just this latest blunder; Biden has been making a series of questionable remarks throughout his visit to Europe. From talking about the U.S. running low on ammunition to confusing Ukraine and Lithuania, it’s clear that his errors are adding up and costing us dearly.

Overall, the incompetence and lack of clarity displayed by Biden during his European visit is deeply concerning. We need a strong and coherent leader representing us on the world stage, not someone who needs to be guided and corrected at every turn. Let’s hope the next time Biden travels abroad, he can leave the confusion and gaffes behind and actually project the strength and leadership our country needs.

Written by Staff Reports

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