Biden Admin Allows Iranian Regime to Set Up Absentee Ballot Stations on American Soil

Bar the door and grab some popcorn, folks. It’s theater of the absurd once again with the Biden administration as the leading act. This time, they’ve decided to let the Iranian regime set up absentee vote collection sites in the United States for its upcoming June 28th presidential election. This isn’t your average neighborhood polling station; we’re talking about letting the world’s top sponsor of terrorism run an election operation on American soil. Even Justin Trudeau of Canada, the liberal poster boy, has better sense than to allow such nonsense.

Critics are already shaking their heads at this latest escapade. Led by an Iranian Foreign Ministry official, Tehran is scheming to plant over 30 ballot stations around the United States. Sites have been confirmed in Washington and New York, with more “mystery” locations yet to be named. Can it get any more farcical?

The U.S. State Department had the gall to say they don’t expect Iran’s presidential election to be free or fair. How perceptive. Under Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s iron fist, only his yes-men are allowed to run for office. The turnout from the last elections was so low that tumbleweeds blowing through Iranian streets could’ve outpaced the voters. The same Iranian populace, both domestically and internationally, who have been boycotting these sham elections are shaking their heads at the U.S. government’s mind-boggling decision to legitimize this charade.

One might assume that the State Department would have some sense of moral decency, considering their past vocal criticisms about Iran’s horrific human rights record. But no, they just dusted off the old excuse that Iran had ballot stations for U.S. voters in previous elections – as if two wrongs make a right. Under Trump, Iran was on the back foot, economically shattered and in disarray. It’s one thing to argue over past administrations’ sins, but Biden’s playbook just doubled down on a bad idea.

Benham Ben Taleblu from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies nailed it by calling this move a moral and strategic own goal. While Iranians have been risking their lives for true change, Washington decides to throw them under the bus by giving a tyrannical regime a veneer of respectability. Instead of taking a stand against Iran’s oppressive clerics, Biden offers them a helping hand – what a splendid idea.

The Biden administration should be showcasing the fragility of the Iranian regime, not lending credibility to their authoritarian farce. Alas, this is the kind of leadership America signed up for. Here’s hoping someone, somewhere, will have the decency to stand up for the principles that truly matter.

Written by Staff Reports

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