Biden Admin Attacks Pence, Can’t Handle “Bidenomics” Failure

The weekend brought yet another attack on former Vice President Mike Pence from a member of the Biden administration. This time, it was Council of Economic Advisers chairman Jared Bernstein accusing Pence of using outdated information to criticize President Joe Biden. Bernstein, appearing on Fox News, scoffed at Pence’s remarks about inflation being at a 40-year high, stating that the data Pence was referencing was over a year old. In typical Biden administration fashion, they are quick to dismiss any criticism and cling to their own distorted narrative.

However, Pence had a strong rebuttal to Bernstein’s claims. He argued that the economy under Biden’s leadership was struggling, and “nobody is buying Bidenomics.” Pence pointed out the alarming statistics of a 40-year high in inflation, skyrocketing mortgage rates, and the majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Clearly, Bidenomics has been a failure for American families, and it’s time for the administration to take responsibility rather than brushing off valid concerns.

It’s no surprise that vulnerable House Democrats are distancing themselves from the term “Bidenomics,” as reported by Politico. A recent CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that a whopping 65% of respondents believe the economy is “bad.” Only 29% had a positive view. Additionally, when asked about Bidenomics, half of those familiar with the term associated it with higher inflation, while the other half linked it to higher taxes. These findings illustrate the skepticism and dissatisfaction the American people have towards the economic policies of the Biden administration.

It’s clear that the Biden administration is out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans. They brush off valid concerns about inflation and portray an economy that is completely disconnected from reality. The fact is, Bidenomics has led to higher prices, higher taxes, and a struggling middle class. Republicans like Mike Pence are right to call out the failures of the administration and demand accountability. It’s time for the Biden team to stop living in their fantasy world and start addressing the real issues impacting hardworking Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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