Biden Bows to GOP: Calls Federal Workers Back to Office Fast!

Conservative lawmakers, along with local officials, are pressuring the Biden administration to end remote work for federal employees, according to the Washington Examiner. The House Oversight Committee sent a letter to White House chief of staff Jeff Zients demanding an explanation for the administration’s post-pandemic telework policy. Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer introduced the SHOW UP Act in January, which requires federal workers to return to the office within 30 days and submit studies on how telework has impacted their mission before allowing permanent remote positions.

The House passed the act in February, but it has stalled in the Senate. President Biden has shown some support for returning federal workers to the office, but the process has been slow. The White House has not responded to the Oversight Committee’s letter. Republicans have raised concerns about passport processing backlogs and delays in the Veterans Affairs Department due to remote work. Labor unions, which support remote work, may be influencing the White House’s slow response. Local governments, including Washington, D.C.’s mayor, have also called for federal employees to return to the office or give up office space for new housing. The House Oversight Committee plans to hold a hearing on federal remote work on September 14th.

The Biden administration’s reluctance to end remote work for federal employees is concerning. Remote work has been shown to decrease productivity and negatively impact customer service. By allowing federal employees to continue working from home, the Biden administration is failing to provide the best possible outcomes for the American taxpayer. It’s time for President Biden to take action and get federal workers back into the office. The problems caused by remote work, such as passport processing delays and issues within the Veterans Affairs Department, cannot be ignored.

The administration should listen to the concerns of conservatives and local officials who understand the negative impacts of remote work on their communities. Let’s hope the Oversight Committee’s hearing on September 14th will shed light on the administration’s flawed telework policy and result in a return to in-person work for federal employees.

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