Biden Admin Limits Gender Surgery for Minors, Angers Left

In a stunning twist, the Biden administration has finally stumbled onto a nugget of common sense by asserting that gender-affirming surgical care should be reserved for adults, not minors. One can almost hear the collective gasp from left-leaning groups that have, until now, enjoyed near-unfettered support from the White House. They must feel like the rug’s been ripped right out from under their feet.

According to a White House spokesperson, children should not make these deeply personal medical decisions. The administration still supports gender-affirming care for minors in general, apparently attempting to take a middle ground that leaves the ultimate decisions to parents, families, and doctors. Still, it’s a surprising pivot for an administration that seemed to be all-in on progressive social policies.

Unsurprisingly, the statement unleashed a torrent of outrage from LGBTQ+ activists, who quickly accused Biden of betraying his so-called commitment to transgender youth. Kelley Robinson from the Human Rights Campaign lambasted the administration’s stance, claiming it is fundamentally wrong and inconsistent with previous steps to support transgender youth. Given that the Human Rights Campaign has poured millions into Biden’s reelection campaign, their dismay was about as shocking as rain in Seattle.

The drama didn’t end there. Allison Scott of the Campaign for Southern Equality slammed the administration’s statement as cowardly, likening it to a capitulation to the right-wing narrative—one that supposedly spreads ‘false’ stories about surgical care. Scott insisted that the government should steer clear of private medical decisions, a curious stance given the usual liberal enthusiasm for government intervention in just about everything.

Despite this newfound, albeit limited, wisdom, the Biden administration’s stance appears to contradict its earlier support for minors having unfettered access to gender-affirming care. It’s almost as if someone in the White House peeked at a poll or two and decided it might not be a bad idea not to alienate every parent in America.

Adding fuel to the fire, the staff of Adm. Rachel Levine at the Department of Health and Human Services had previously urged the World Professional Association for Transgender Health to ditch age limits for transgender surgeries on minors. It’s a wild ride that has left more than a few heads spinning. Meanwhile, conservative states have been stepping up, with 25 states since 2021 enacting laws to protect minors from these irreversible treatments.

The Biden administration’s forked tongue on this issue might just be an indication they’re waking up to reality—or an act of political desperation. Either way, it’s one step in the right direction, even if it’s on a path that remains strewn with the wreckage of previous progressive indulgences.

Written by Staff Reports

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