Democrats in Turmoil Over Biden’s Debate Disaster and Identity Politics Quandary

One would think a political party that specializes in pandering would have their ducks in a row, but Democrats are proving otherwise. Following Biden’s latest debate debacle, their strategy appears to be about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Panic mode is fully engaged as they ponder whether to stick with Sleepy Joe or roll the dice with Kamala Harris—because nothing says “winning strategy” like choosing the least popular candidate due to identity politics.

Of course, they can’t just dismiss Harris; she was their “historic” pick to tick off multiple diversity checkboxes. Heaven forbid they take a merit-based approach. Levon Satamian at RedState astutely highlighted Areva Martin’s awkward performance on Stephen A. Smith’s podcast. Martin, a Harris delegate, essentially threatened that Black women would “blow up” the Democratic Party if a white candidate replaced Biden. The message is clear: identity politics reign supreme, and meritocracy can take a hike.

Biden’s dwindling support among black voters, a crucial block in his 2020 coalition, adds another layer of complexity. It’s as if the Democrats are trying the same tired tactics and expecting different results—a textbook definition of insanity. Meanwhile, polls are showcasing Harris getting trounced by former and likely future President Donald Trump. Even CNN can’t sugarcoat it anymore; their own data shows Trump leading Harris by 2 percentage points. Other polls similarly depict Harris crashing and burning. 


In another desperate Hail Mary, Biden’s campaign manager recently held a tense call with donors to discuss the fallout should Biden step down—because nothing screams stability like donors asking for refunds. The suggestion that campaign funds might be shuffled around to prop up Harris doesn’t inspire much faith either. The DNC rules are so convoluted even a law professor would need a flowchart to understand them, making Biden stepping aside voluntarily the simplest yet most improbable route.

Republicans have long speculated about Democrats sneaking someone else in, with Senator Ted Cruz even suggesting Michelle Obama as a potential dark horse. Cruz pointed out that Democrats might avoid enraging Black women by picking Obama, since replacing Biden with another white candidate like Gavin Newsom would be political suicide. Cruz’s prediction rates have only increased over time, reaching a staggering 80 percent likelihood post-debate.

Despite this circus, only Michelle Obama polls ahead of Trump, according to Reuters/Ipsos. No wonder Democrats are in a pickle. The party seems more committed to checking identity boxes than actually picking someone who can lead the country, making their predicament as predictable as it is pitiful. If they do pull a rabbit out of the hat and replace Biden, it’s dubious whether American voters will buy into this political theater. With Kamala or even Joe sticking around, however, one thing is crystal clear: the Republicans are sitting pretty.

Written by Staff Reports

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