White House Insists on Harris as Future Amid Biden’s Faltering Promise

The White House doubled down on President Joe Biden’s grandiose promise to be a “bridge” to the next generation of Democratic leaders. In a move that screams “we have no better options,” the White House desperately continues to dangle Vice President Kamala Harris as the party’s future, despite her dismal approval ratings.

The White House press secretary, playing the role of Biden’s hype-woman, told reporters that Harris is the future of the party—a statement that might have Democrats reconsidering their life choices. With Biden’s shaky debate performance rattling Democratic nerves, concerns about his age and mental sharpness are spreading faster than a California wildfire. Conveniently, Harris is being propped up as the likely successor, creating a seamless way to funnel those juicy $240 million campaign dollars into her lap if old Joe decides to nap through the 2024 election.

Yet, Biden is clinging onto his presidency like a dog with a bone, making sure everyone on Capitol Hill knows he’s still the top dog while pretending to care about their mounting concerns. One brave Democrat, Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas, finally called for Biden to step aside after the debate debacle where the president’s train of thought got derailed, not for the first time and certainly not the last.

Kamala Harris, ever the dutiful number two, continues to pledge her undying loyalty to Biden. During a puff-piece interview with CBS, she reaffirmed that Biden is their guy, despite the growing whispers of doubt within the party. She bravely declared that they would defeat Trump again, injecting some much-needed confidence into a campaign that looks increasingly like a circus without a ringmaster.

Biden’s initial “bridge” promise, made way back during a Michigan rally when people still bothered to ask him about his age, now sounds more like a rickety old plank than a sturdy structure. With each passing gaffe, the bridge grows shakier, and it’s only a matter of time before it crumbles under the weight of its own empty promises.

Written by Staff Reports

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