Biden Admin Touts Drop in Border Arrests Amid Ongoing Crisis

The Biden administration is patting itself on the back for a supposed win in the immigration arena. With great fanfare, they announced a 40% reduction in illegal immigrant arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border following an executive action taken earlier this month to stop migrants from seeking asylum. It’s almost as if they want us to forget who was at the helm when the floodgates were opened in the first place.

Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been a paragon of inefficiency, took the stage in Tucson, Arizona, to trumpet this so-called achievement. He claimed Border Patrol encounters have plummeted by over 40%, and that the administration is sending more illegal immigrants back home. The number of apprehensions has dropped to less than 2,400 per day from the previous 4,000. Quite the turnaround from an administration that has seemingly welcomed more chaos than Disneyland at Christmas.

Mayorkas, who was previously impeached by the House for his disastrous handling of the border crisis, asserted that Biden’s executive action has made it tougher for illegal immigrants to cross into the country. Apparently, stricter consequences are now in play. If only this kind of decisive action had been the default stance rather than a desperate, last-minute grab at relevancy.

Rather than coddling detainees, the Department of Homeland Security has ramped up flights to repatriate illegal immigrants, boasting numbers like a used car salesman. Over 100 flights to 20 countries have sent 24,000 people back. You’d almost think this was a new frontier in air travel the way they celebrate it. Meanwhile, the problem looms as large as ever.

Mayorkas was previously indicted on charges of ignoring the law and failing in his duty to secure the border. This executive action looks like a last-ditch effort to save face. Republicans have criticized Biden’s move as executive overreach, bypassing Congress to set immigration policy. What’s more, Biden has plans for new pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants married to U.S. citizens, prompting loud protests from the GOP, who rightly call it an amnesty-by-stealth tactic.

Biden, who is clearly feeling the heat from his tanking approval ratings, has blamed Republicans for his own administration’s failures in border security. He paints himself as a reluctant hero stepping in to rectify an immigration system last updated almost three decades ago, conveniently sidestepping his own contribution to the mess.

So here we are, with a border policy that changes with the wind and an administration desperate for any semblance of success. Sure, arrests have dropped, but at what cost and for how long? These new measures might give Biden something to crow about for now, but the deeper issues of border security demand much more than temporary fixes and executive overreach. Only Congress can deliver a comprehensive solution, and the real work to secure the border is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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