Biden Administration Scrambles as Campus Protests Escalate

The liberal loonies are at it again, causing a ruckus on college campuses and making a mess for the Biden administration! These pro-Palestinian protesters have been raising a fuss at various universities including Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and more. They’re shouting about their beef with Israel and are even trying to drag President Biden into their drama.

The White House had to tap dance around questions about these protests, condemning the disgusting antisemitism on display while dodging inquiries about any plans to deal with these troublemakers. White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates condemned the surge of antisemitism, but conveniently avoided giving any specifics about any interaction with the protesters.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling! President Biden even met with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been cheering on these pesky protesters, at an Earth Day celebration. The White House didn’t go into much detail about their meeting, but it’s clear that these leftist troublemakers are trying to get the attention of the Biden administration.

The Biden team is trying to play nice, saying they respect everyone’s right to protest peacefully, but let’s face it, these protesters are crossing the line with their calls for violence and antisemitic rhetoric. The White House knows that silence is like giving these troublemakers a high-five, so they’re denouncing these antics as best they can.

It’s a real doozy, folks. Let’s hope the Biden administration can get a handle on these left-wing stirrers before things get even more out of hand.

Written by Staff Reports

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