Trump Warns of Third-Party Impact, Kennedy Gains Among Voters

Former President Donald Trump is concerned about a third-party candidate's impact on the upcoming election. While chatting on the radio, he shared his doubts about the so-called "extremely liberal" Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hurting his chances at winning against Joe Biden. According to a recent NBC News poll, Trump suggested that Kennedy might hurt himself and Biden, with a bit more damage on Biden's side.

Kennedy seems to be gaining some support among third-party voters, causing a headache for Trump in a five-way race. The poll indicates that more Trump supporters are leaning towards Kennedy than Biden voters, allowing Biden to sneak a 2-point lead in the vote. However, Trump maintains a 2-point advantage over Biden in a head-to-head competition.

But what's causing this shift in support? Well, it seems the Democratic campaign is making a vigorous effort to distance Kennedy from their voters, even going as far as putting up billboards to label Kennedy as a "spoiler for Trump." The DNC and Biden campaign are working hard to remind voters of the Kennedy family's support for Biden, causing some headaches for Republicans. As a result, the DNC and Biden campaign put a lot of energy into discrediting Kennedy and emphasizing Biden's support from the Kennedy family.

This situation seems to have caught the attention of Republican consultants and strategists. One Republican consultant, Alice Stewart, emphasized the need for the Republican National Committee to highlight Trump's policies over those of Kennedy and Biden. Additionally, a Republican strategist mentioned Kennedy's leaning towards "conspiratorial ideas" that are more aligned with the right than the left, showcasing the difficulties Republicans face with Kennedy's campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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