Biden DOJ Veteran Now Leading Trump Case

In a recent news development, it has been revealed that one of the prosecutors working on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Donald Trump used to work for the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ). This prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, held a significant position in the DOJ as acting associate attorney general for two years before joining the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in December 2022.

Colangelo’s role at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office involves focusing on sensitive and high-profile white-collar investigations. Notably, he has a history of working on investigations related to Trump, having led the probe into the Trump Foundation’s dissolution while at the New York District Attorney’s office. Additionally, he was involved in the investigation that eventually led to Trump facing a civil fraud case.

It’s important to note that Colangelo’s appointment came at a time when Bragg was still actively investigating Trump regarding a $130,000 payment made to Stormy Daniels. Trump was indicted on multiple charges for allegedly falsifying business documents linked to the payment in April of the previous year.

From a conservative perspective, it is concerning to see a prosecutor like Colangelo, who previously held a high-ranking position in the Biden DOJ, now working on a case against a prominent conservative figure like Trump. There may be questions raised about potential political motivations behind such appointments and whether they could influence the fairness of the legal proceedings.

As Colangelo delivered opening statements for the prosecution, alleging that Trump engaged in election fraud by falsifying business records, it’s clear that this case continues to be highly contentious and politically charged. Trump has referred to it as a “Biden witch hunt” and raised concerns about potential election interference.

Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden has raised important questions about Colangelo’s hiring and the implications of a former DOJ official transitioning to a prosecutor role in a local DA’s office. Gooden’s concerns about the integrity and fairness of the trial are valid, especially given the politically sensitive nature of the case.


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