Biden Advisor Defends Protest Rights on CNN, Sidesteps Funding Queries

Last month, CNN had Mitch Landrieu, a senior presidential adviser and campaign co-chair, on the show “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper to talk about Joe Biden’s economic plan and his approach to handling protests on college campuses. Tapper questioned why it took so long for Biden to address certain incidents, and Landrieu emphasized the importance of free speech rights and peaceful protests, despite calls for more decisive action. He also reiterated Biden’s stance on the right to protest peacefully and strict opposition to violence. Additionally, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has echoed similar sentiments about Biden being clear on these issues.

Tapper then brought up antisemitic incidents at Tulane University and reports of Biden donors funding anti-Israel protests. He asked Landrieu if these donors should stop funding such groups. Landrieu reiterated the right to peaceful protest and emphasized core constitutional principles, but he did not directly address Tapper’s question. He also mentioned the importance of opposing antisemitism and Islamophobia, echoing the Biden administration’s stance.

During the segment, Landrieu downplayed comparisons between current protests and the Vietnam War protests, and he attempted to appeal to young voters on behalf of Biden. Tapper also had former Senator Ben Sasse on the program, who discussed the importance of following rules on college campuses and not negotiating with those who cause unrest. He emphasized the distinction between free speech and unacceptable behavior.

Overall, the segment highlighted the Biden administration’s focus on protecting free speech and peaceful protests, even in the face of criticism and calls for stronger action.

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