Biden Appointee Tyler Cherry Under Fire for Past Anti-Police and Anti-Israel Posts

President Joe Biden’s newly appointed associate communications director, Tyler Cherry, found himself in hot water as past controversial social media posts came back to haunt him. In an attempt to avoid backlash, Cherry took to social media to distance himself from his previous far-left positions, claiming that his current views do not align with those expressed in his old posts.

Cherry’s promotion to the White House communications team was met with scrutiny after his history of attacking law enforcement, supporting “Russiagate,” and endorsing anti-Israel sentiments came to light. His characterization of police officers as “slave patrols” in a 2015 post particularly raised eyebrows and fueled criticism of his appointment.

Despite Cherry’s efforts to downplay his past statements, many remain skeptical of his sudden change of heart. The backlash against Cherry was so significant that he restricted who could respond to his social media post, raising questions about his commitment to free speech and openness to differing opinions.

While Cherry attempted to brush off his past online behavior as youthful indiscretions, the Biden administration has remained largely silent on the matter. White House senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates expressed support for Cherry, emphasizing the administration’s pride in having him on the team.

With the controversy surrounding Cherry’s hiring raising concerns about the administration’s vetting process and commitment to upholding conservative values, it remains to be seen how this episode will impact the White House’s communication strategy moving forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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