Court Blocks Biden’s $475B Student Loan Transfer Scheme in Major Victory for American Taxpayers

In a brazen move against the U.S. Supreme Court, President Joe Biden continues to flaunt his student loan “forgiveness” plan, which is nothing more than a ploy to pander to young voters. This scheme doesn’t really cancel debt but instead transfers it to hardworking American taxpayers. Fortunately, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri stepped in on Monday to block this socialist redistribution racket, thanks to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Bailey’s motion to shut down Biden’s audacious plan marks a monumental win for the Constitution. He rightly pointed out that Congress never authorized Biden to dump half a trillion dollars of student debt onto the shoulders of the American workforce. Even former Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted as much years ago. Bailey triumphantly declared the court’s decision a victory for the rule of law and every American being forced to pay off someone else’s college bills.

The lawsuit from Bailey targeted Biden’s so-called “SAVE” Plan, a misnomer that would have cost taxpayers an outrageous $475 billion—$45 billion more than his previous unlawful venture. The court’s order ensures this unconstitutional scheme won’t see the light of day, at least not on July 1. Bailey, a man of integrity who served in the United States Army, emphasized his commitment to protecting the Constitution against both foreign and domestic threats.

The United States Supreme Court already ruled against a similar Biden Administration wealth transfer in a previous 6-3 decision. They struck down Biden’s repayment plan as unconstitutional, citing its massive $430 billion-plus impact on the federal budget. The court noted Missouri’s state government had standing to challenge the plan through its student loan servicing company, MOHELA. Now, Biden has faced another legal smackdown, and rightfully so.

As Biden and his minions scramble to whip up a frenzy over abortion on the second anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson, the court’s decision to block his student loan program comes just shy of a year after the Supreme Court’s initial takedown. Biden, who is fond of claiming “No one is above the law,” continues to defy judicial rulings while gloating on social media. It’s no wonder that some polls show mixed feelings among young voters, who are proving to be an unreliable voting bloc.

From his brash posts on Twitter to facing felony counts in a partisan witch hunt, Biden’s defiance is becoming a hallmark of his presidency. Ironically, he loves to lecture the nation that “no one is above the law,” while he habitually sidesteps it himself. Despite polls indicating some support for his student loan debacle among voters under 30, questions continue to swirl about whether it’s enough to assure his reelection. With the court’s recent ruling, it’ll be a steeper climb for Biden’s controversial plans to gain any traction.

Written by Staff Reports

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