Biden Campaign Falters as Trump Outraises and Outpaces in Funds

Biden’s re-election campaign is unraveling faster than a knitted sweater in a cat’s claws. The 2020 Sleepy Joe magic—a mix of minority voters, no “senior moments,” and a hefty bank account—isn’t showing up for the 2024 sequel. Once again, cash appears to be king, but this time, the king’s crown is looking more and more like Trump’s.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t parlay her fat campaign wallet into a win against Trump in 2016, and Biden depended on his own fundraising bonanza to squeak by in 2020. Fast-forward to 2024, and Biden’s money machine is sputtering. The Democratic party’s strategy to outspend and out-campaign Trump through never-ending fundraising dinners and Hollywood-backed donations seems to be falling flat on its face.

Recent data dumps show Biden and the Democratic National Committee managed to scrounge up $85 million in May. However, Trump and the Republican National Committee stormed past that with a whopping $141 million. Despite 34 felony convictions hanging over his head, Trump’s financial bulwark against Biden is now a reality. 


For the first time, Trump’s campaign chest has more dough than Biden’s. Federal Elections Commission filings show Trump’s camp has $116.5 million in cash, while Biden sits on a somewhat less impressive $91.6 million. Biden’s team may try to shrug off Trump’s advantage, but panic is apparently brewing among his closest allies. This isn’t just an even playing field—this is Democrats watching their lead disappear and their game plan unravel.

Swing states have a peculiar knack for sniffing out empty promises, which is why Biden’s so-called “early boots on the ground” efforts in key battlegrounds have amounted to zilch. National polls might show Biden closing in on Trump, but swing state figures are raining on his parade. In places like Pennsylvania and Arizona, the Trump train continues to steam ahead.

Simply put, Biden needed that juicy cash advantage to distract from his astonishing unpopularity. With historic lows in minority support and stubbornly resilient swing state numbers favoring Trump, cash was his only hope to paper over his shortcomings. Instead, Trump’s ability to rake in huge sums despite legal issues just underscores the Democrats’ failure to ignite donor excitement.

The Democratic refrain of “convicted criminal” to mar Trump’s reputation has not only lost its sting but has backfired, making Trump more of a martyr than a villain in the eyes of his supporters. Democrats are scratching their heads, asking how Trump keeps stacking cash while their own candidate can’t even hold his financial lead. If Biden’s supporters are feeling “depressed” now, they should brace themselves. The ride is only going to get bumpier.

Written by Staff Reports

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