Biden Attorney lets criminals walk FREE on D.C. streets

The Washington, D.C. U.S. attorney’s office has been letting criminals walk free on the streets at an alarming rate, a staggering 67% of those arrested in the district are allowed to go. What’s going on there? Apparently, Matthew Graves, the district’s Biden-appointed U.S attorney, doesn’t see a problem with it. According to The Washington Post report, the office is only prosecuting the most violent felony cases and dropping the rest, which are mostly related to gun and drug possession as well as burglaries.

The Police Chief, Robert J. Contee III, is obviously not thrilled with the situation, and he shouldn’t be. “Of course, we are concerned,” he told The Washington Post, “we believe every person we arrest should be off the streets.” But according to him, officers are not to blame for this, the U.S attorney’s office is. “I can promise you, it’s not MPD holding the bag on this,” he said. “That’s B.S.”

The situation is undoubtedly deteriorating in Washington, D.C., and even worse, the one in charge – Graves – seems to be making excuses instead of delivering solutions. The prosecutor’s office is declining significantly more cases than other offices and prosecutors in the country. In some places, such as Philadelphia and Cook County, prosecutors are declining as little as 4% and 14%, respectively.

Unfortunately, the U.S attorney’s office’s disregard for the people of D.C. is allowing criminals to go without punishment. Graves seems more interested in prioritizing violent offenses and using police body camera footage to avoid cases that he can’t solve. This is unacceptable, and the district deserves an attorney who will prosecute offenders and keep the streets safe.

Written by Staff Reports

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