Cruz calls for Mayorkas to RESIGN as the southern border CRISIS worsens!

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was put on the hot seat by Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who demanded his resignation after Mayorkas failed to address whether the southern border is in crisis or not. At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Mayorkas provided a confusing response claiming that the southern border is “a very significant challenge,” but dodging the direct question. In contrast, Cruz cited a July deposition where Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz clearly acknowledged the southern border crisis and asked if Mayorkas could provide the same clarity.

Mayorkas continued to tiptoe around the issue when asked if the crisis has made Americans and aliens less safe. Meanwhile, Cruz pointed out that Ortiz had already said yes to such questions. Cruz attributed Mayorkas’ vague responses to political gamesmanship and misleading the American people while stating that political leaders have never undermined the Border Patrol before.

In recent times, over 385,000 illegal immigrants have managed to escape detection by federal authorities along the southern border since October. The CBP data also indicates that more than 870,000 migrants have encountered the agency during that period. Migrant deaths have also increased considerably under Mayorkas’ administration. Cruz claimed that 853 migrants died when approaching the southern border in 2022 and that migrant deaths have increased sharply since Mayorkas’ tenure began.

Cruz went on to criticize Mayorkas, citing that over 5.5 million people have entered the U.S. illegally under President Joe Biden. Cruz demanded that Mayorkas addresses how many criminals and terrorists his administration has released, and how many children have been subjected to sex slavery under his tenure as the Secretary of Homeland Security.

In response, Mayorkas deemed Cruz’s allegations “revolting,” refusing to dignify them with an answer. Despite Mayorkas’ reluctance to admit a crisis, it is clear that the situation at the southern border has become a significant and complicated issue that must be addressed urgently. It’s a shame that some politicians continue to play games and pass the buck instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that Senator Cruz called for Mayorkas’ resignation.

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