Biden Backs Down: Texas Shows Grit, Defends Borders with Pride!

In a stunning display of backbone and Texas pride, Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have sent a strong message to Joe Biden: “Don’t Mess with Texas!” Despite Biden’s feeble attempt to warn Texas to clear out from the areas they were occupying to protect the border, the Lone Star State is not backing down. It’s absolutely outrageous that Biden wants to take Texas to court just for trying to defend itself and secure its borders. But Texas isn’t having any of it.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick warned that it would be the “biggest mistake the Biden administration could make” to incite violence when Texas is diligently doing the job Biden should be doing. He confidently stated that the American people would see Democrats as the ones attacking a state trying to protect its people. “We’re not looking for a confrontation,” Patrick declared, “we are looking for them to do their damn job!” And let me tell you, I couldn’t agree more with Lieutenant Governor Patrick’s sentiments. It’s about time someone stood up to this administration and demanded accountability.

Governor Abbott also echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that federalizing the Texas National Guard, as some Democrats have suggested, would be a “bone-headed” move. He assured Texans that they were prepared for any eventuality and that nothing would stop them from building the necessary barriers to protect their state. Abbott even signed a law granting law enforcement officers the power to arrest illegal aliens. Talk about taking action!

The support for Texas is pouring in from other Republican governors as well. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem plans to visit Texas, while Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has pledged to send the National Guard. It’s heartening to see governors across the country standing shoulder to shoulder with Texas in this battle.

In the face of it all, Customs and Border Protection has made it clear that they have no plans to remove the infrastructure Texas has put in place along the border. This is a significant victory for Texas and a clear indication that the Biden administration is starting to back off. It’s about time they realized that Texans won’t be pushed around.

All in all, it’s a win for Texas and a win for the country. The people of Texas deserve leaders who will stand up for their rights and protect their borders. Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick have proven that they are willing to fight tooth and nail to defend their state. Let this be a message to all politicians: Don’t Mess with Texas!

Written by Staff Reports

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