Biden Banks on Hollywood Elite for Fundraiser, Out of Touch With Regular Voters

President Biden is getting ready to host a big fundraiser with some Hollywood stars like George Clooney and Julia Roberts. This event will bring in lots of money for his campaign. But who is really benefiting from all this glitz and glamour? It seems like the rich and famous are sticking together with the Democrats once again.

It’s no surprise that the Democrats are cozying up to celebrities and wealthy elites from the coasts. This fundraiser shows just how out of touch the party has become with regular Americans. While they rub elbows with Hollywood stars, everyday folks are feeling the pinch of rising prices and a struggling economy.

The Democrats are hoping that the star power of Clooney and Roberts will help attract more donors, especially as they try to compete with the fundraising efforts of Donald Trump and the Republicans. But money can only go so far in an election. Voters want to hear real solutions to the issues facing our country, not just empty promises and celebrity endorsements.

It’s clear that the Democrats are desperate to keep President Biden out of the spotlight, relying on Hollywood glitz to distract from his lackluster performance. But no amount of star-studded events can hide the fact that this administration is falling short on delivering results for the American people.

In the end, it will take more than Hollywood elites to secure a victory for the Democrats in the upcoming election. Voters are looking for substance, not just style, and it remains to be seen if the party can deliver on their promises.

Written by Staff Reports

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