Biden Bashes Trump, Ignores Own Failing Agenda!

In the latest episode of “The Biden Show: Presidential Edition,” the crumbling empire of Joe Biden’s presidency takes a nosedive straight into the abyss. Apparently, Uncle Joe has had an epiphany – instead of salvaging his sinking ship of a failed agenda, he decides to focus on his favorite pastime: Trump-bashing. Oh, what a surprise, another Democrat deflecting from their own mess by pointing fingers at the former President.

Now, we all know the drill by now. Democrats like Biden have been trying to paint Trump as the reincarnation of every evil dictator in history since day one. Comparing him to Hitler, Mussolini, and even the Devil? Seriously? Talk about grasping at straws. But hey, when your own presidency is in shambles, why not resort to the ol’ “orange man bad” routine, right?

But let’s face it, folks. Biden’s ship attacking Trump has sailed long ago, and it sank faster than a lead balloon. The sad truth is that the American people are waking up to the disaster that is the Biden administration. From out-of-control inflation to the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden is on a one-way train to political oblivion — and the Democrats know it.

So what’s a floundering party to do? Well, they’ve got three not-so-appealing options on the table: either Biden graciously bows out, they push him out during the convention, or they stick with the sinking ship and let him run for reelection. Spoiler alert: none of these options look good for the Dems.

At the end of the day, it’s crystal clear that Joe Biden is on track to go down in history as the worst president ever. And you know what? The majority of Americans are demanding he gets the boot ASAP. Can you blame them? With a laundry list of failures under his belt, from the border crisis to sky-high gas prices, it’s no wonder people are scrambling for the exits.


Written by Staff Reports

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