Biden Begs Obama’s Aid as Trump Surges in Polls

It’s no surprise that President Joe Biden is falling behind in the polls compared to the beloved former President Donald Trump. The nation clearly yearns for the strong leadership and common sense policies that Trump brought to the White House. But what is truly shocking is how Biden is now running to his former boss, Barack Obama, for help behind the scenes. Obama, who seems to be quite worried that Biden is going to lose to Trump, has been making secret phone calls, trying to prop up Biden’s floundering campaign. It’s almost comical to see the left scrambling like this.

Obama is not just twiddling his thumbs, though. He recently co-organized an extravagant fundraiser in New York, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood elites like Queen Latifah and Lizzo. The sheer arrogance of this event is mind-boggling. It’s as if they are flaunting their elitism in the faces of hard-working Americans, expecting them to cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get close to these liberal icons. It’s typical liberal behavior – out of touch with the struggles of regular folks.

But Trump, being the fighter that he is, quickly responded to this display of liberal excess. He called upon his loyal supporters to stand strong against the Obama-Clinton duo, who are desperately trying to salvage Biden’s sinking ship. Trump’s direct approach to rallying his base is a refreshing reminder of his connection with the American people. While the left plays dress-up with celebrities, Trump is appealing to the grassroots, urging his supporters to show their unwavering dedication by opening their wallets to support his cause.


Written by Staff Reports

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