Deported Killer Returns: Biden’s Border Fail Costs Lives

In a heartbreaking turn of events once again highlighting the failures of President Joe Biden’s lax border policies, a previously deported migrant, 25-year-old Brandon Ortiz-Vite from Mexico, has been charged with the murder of Ruby Garcia in Michigan. ICE confirmed that Ortiz-Vite had been deported in 2020, only to illegally re-enter the United States and now face serious criminal charges including felony murder and possession of a firearm.

The tragic discovery of Ruby Garcia’s body, with multiple gunshot wounds, on the side of U.S. Highway 131 in Grand Rapids, Michigan has left the community in shock. The fact that her alleged killer, Ortiz-Vite, was found in possession of a gun at the time of his arrest is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by illegal immigrants who flout our laws.

Republican lawmakers, including North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson and Michigan Rep. John James, have rightfully condemned President Biden’s open border policies for contributing to these senseless deaths. Hudson’s frustration at the preventable loss of innocent lives rings true as he calls out the administration’s failure to prioritize border security and enforce immigration laws.

The tragic case of Ruby Garcia mirrors the heartbreaking story of Laken Riley, a young nursing student from Georgia who was brutally murdered by another illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Ibarra from Venezuela. The grief and anger felt by Riley’s mother, Allyson Phillips, who described her daughter’s death as “senseless and avoidable,” serve as a stark reminder of the human cost of Biden’s reckless border policies.

As more and more American families suffer the devastating consequences of illegal immigration, it’s time for President Biden to take responsibility and protect our citizens. The lives of Ruby Garcia, Laken Riley, and countless others lost to violence at the hands of illegal immigrants deserve justice and a commitment to securing our borders. It’s time to put the safety and well-being of Americans first, before more innocent lives are needlessly cut short due to failed policies and political negligence.

Written by Staff Reports

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