Biden Bites Bullet: Border Wall Needed After All!

The White House has reluctantly acknowledged the necessity of a border wall along America's southern border, a position former President Donald Trump advocated for extensively. This admission has placed President Joe Biden in an awkward position, as he criticized Trump's border security efforts during his 2020 campaign.

The admission came via an announcement from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, revealing that the White House is using funds allocated during Trump's tenure to construct an additional 20 miles of border wall. Mayorkas attempted to downplay this move by asserting that there is "no new Administration policy with respect to border walls." However, the truth remains evident: Biden has succumbed to the overwhelming evidence supporting the necessity of a physical barrier to prevent unlawful entries into the United States.

It's ironic how swiftly Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have reversed their stance on the border wall. Both had previously criticized Trump's border security measures, with Harris even referring to it as "Trump's medieval vanity project." Yet, now that they are facing criticism from Democratic cities due to an influx of illegal migrants, they have been compelled to backtrack on their earlier statements.

This reversal has not gone unnoticed by critics who accuse Biden of attempting to appeal to Trump's base and effectively campaigning for the former president's reelection. Recent polls show Biden trailing Trump, especially on immigration and border security issues. Voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle these issues, underscoring Biden's ineffective approach to the border crisis.

Liberal columnist Moustafa Bayoumi, writing in The Guardian, questioned Biden's decision to construct the wall, asking, "Why is Joe Biden campaigning for Donald Trump?" Bayoumi argued that by erecting a border barrier, Biden is catering to Trump's base and acknowledging failure in securing the border. It's a valid point, emphasizing the political misstep Biden has made in addressing the escalating border crisis.

In conclusion, the truth is undeniable: Trump was correct about the need for a border wall, and Biden's attempt to distance himself from this reality has backfired. It is time for the president and his administration to set aside their pride, admit their mistake, and wholeheartedly commit to securing the southern border. The American people deserve a leader who prioritizes their safety and security, even if it means acknowledging that political opponents were right all along.

Written by Staff Reports

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