Biden Blames GOP Border Politics for Ukraine Deal Collapse

In a recent speech at the White House, President Joe Biden criticized Republican border policies as “petty partisan politics” that should not hinder America’s role in world politics. He emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine and questioned what the rest of the world would do if the United States did not act. However, recent polls show that Biden’s economic strategy of Extraction Migration is losing public support for migration, even within the Jewish community in New York. These polls suggest that Biden’s approach to migration could harm the chances of Democrats in the 2024 election and boost the GOP’s prospects.

Despite the growing opposition to his policies, Biden disregarded the GOP’s demands and emphasized his willingness to negotiate. However, GOP Senators are calling on Democrats to accept a funding bill that would significantly reduce illegal immigration, a consequence of Biden’s lax border enforcement. Democrats are rushing to push their spending package through the Senate without any consideration for border security, calling for $14 billion to facilitate the influx of millions of migrants into American communities. It is ironic that Biden and the Democrats are quick to dismiss the GOP’s border enforcement plan while refusing to provide valid reasons for their opposition.

The GOP Senate proposal aims to address the national security implications of the border crisis and reduce the loopholes that enable smuggling. Senators such as Steve Daines argue that this is not just about immigration reform but a matter of protecting homeland security and tightening asylum standards. Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s border chief, has been using parole and loopholes to extract millions of migrants, benefiting CEOs, investors, and migrants at the expense of ordinary citizens. This approach has even led to veterans having to compete for healthcare resources with illegal immigrants, reflecting how Biden’s border crisis prioritizes illegal immigrants over American citizens, specifically veterans.

As the debate continues, Biden and the Democrats must remember that their decisions have far-reaching implications beyond petty partisan politics. The world is watching, and our adversaries such as Vladimir Putin, Hamas, Iran, President Xi, and North Korea are closely monitoring the situation. It is crucial for America to prioritize its national security interests and ensure that policy changes are made to protect our southern border. Republicans are ready to solve this problem, but Biden and Senate Democrats need to step up, get serious, and pass border security measures. The time for action is now, and the well-being of our nation depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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