Biden Blames Texas for Migrant Deaths, Ignores Own Failures

In a recent Supreme Court filing, the Biden administration has accused the Texas Military Department (TMD) of refusing to assist migrants in distress as they crossed the Rio Grande River. This accusation is just another attempt by the left to demonize Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and his Texas National Guardsmen. It’s reminiscent of the false narrative they created during the Border Patrol “whipping” scandal. The Biden administration and liberal media pundits were quick to accuse Border Patrol agents of whipping illegal immigrants with their horse reins, despite photographic evidence proving otherwise.

The latest incident involves the deaths of three migrants near Eagle Pass, Texas. Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar wasted no time blaming Governor Abbott’s recent order, which directed the state’s National Guard to seize control of Shelby Park. However, the Texas Military Department has vehemently denied these claims, stating that they were actively searching the river with lights and night vision goggles but found no distressed migrants. The Mexican authorities were already responding to the incident on the Mexico side of the river bank and required no additional assistance.

The Texas Military Department maintains water rescue equipment and collaborates with local EMS to aid migrants in need of medical care. They have made it clear that they did not prevent Border Patrol from saving lives or turn back any illegal immigrants during the incident. Furthermore, they were not aware of any bodies in the area or on the US side of the border. The Department’s statement has been confirmed by the Biden Department of Justice in their supplemental memo to the Supreme Court.

But the left remains hell-bent on pushing their false narrative. The Biden administration is more interested in blaming Texas for securing their borders than addressing their own failures in border security. Their policies have directly resulted in the deaths of over 1,000 illegal immigrants since Biden took office, yet they show more anger towards Texas than taking responsibility for their actions.

It’s clear that President Biden and his administration will continue peddling falsehoods to distract from their failure to secure our borders. They only seem to care about the deaths of illegal immigrants when it fits their narratives. It’s time for Americans to recognize the dangers of Biden’s open border policies and demand real solutions to secure our nation’s boundaries.

Written by Staff Reports

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