Trump Trounces Biden in Poll; Georgia Turning Red Again

Another day, another poll confirming what conservatives have known all along: Donald Trump is the undisputed champion, while Joe Biden continues to stumble and struggle.

In a recent poll conducted by the esteemed Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the results couldn’t be clearer. If the general election were held today, Trump would trounce Biden by a staggering 45% to 37%. Ouch! It’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck for the Democrats.

Adding insult to injury, Biden is also hemorrhaging support from minority voters. A shocking 10% of Black Georgians have declared that they plan to sit out the election entirely. It seems even they can’t bear to support Biden’s disastrous policies and lackluster leadership.

But wait, there’s more! Biden’s job approval ratings are in the gutter. A whopping 62% of voters in the state disapprove of his performance, with a strong majority stating that they “strongly disapprove.” The message is loud and clear: Georgia has had enough of Biden’s incompetence and ineffectiveness.

Even independents, those crucial swing voters, can’t bring themselves to support Biden. Only 37% of independents stand with him, while a resounding 54% disapprove of his performance. It’s no wonder Biden’s sinking faster than a lead balloon in the Peach State.

To make matters worse for Biden, the black voters he heavily relies on are divided. Despite making up 48% of newly registered voters in Georgia, black voters can’t come to a consensus. It appears that Biden’s pandering and empty promises aren’t doing the trick anymore.

Now, while Trump may have his fair share of hurdles, including an ongoing beef with Republican Governor Brian Kemp, he’s still the clear favorite. One in five Republican poll respondents may be hesitant to pledge their allegiance to Trump, but let’s not kid ourselves – they’ll come back home in the end. After all, who could resist the true alpha of the GOP?

Speaking of Trump’s rivals, they’re dropping like flies. Anti-Trump Republicans like Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson have thrown in the towel, realizing that they simply can’t compete against a towering figure like Trump. The party’s moderate wing is pinning their hopes on Nikki Haley, but let’s be honest here – she’s fighting an uphill battle, and it’s only a matter of time before she joins the ranks of the fallen.

As Trump continues to solidify his grasp on the GOP, the pressure mounts on Governor Kemp and other Georgia Republicans to fall in line. Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones and the state’s GOP congressional delegation, including the fierce and fearless Marjorie Taylor Greene, have already pledged their undying support to Trump. It’s time for Kemp to make the right choice and stand behind the true conservative leader.

The writing is on the wall, folks. Trump is unstoppable, while Biden is floundering. Georgia will once again turn red, marking yet another decisive victory for the greatest commander-in-chief this country has ever seen. God bless America!

Written by Staff Reports

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