Biden Blunders Big on Israeli Invasion: An Unsettling Analysis

In a recent campaign event in Minnesota, President Joe Biden expressed his support for a “pause” in the Israel-Hamas War to provide humanitarian aid to Gazans and secure the release of those trapped in the Gaza Strip. This statement once again highlights the administration’s troublesome stance on the Israeli invasion of Gaza. It’s no secret that Biden’s soft approach is music to Hamas’ ears. It’s quite alarming that the president has not supported a ceasefire since the war began on October 7.

It’s important to consider the timing of Biden’s remarks. Minnesota is a state he needs to win next year, and it’s filled with pro-terrorist or terrorist-sympathizing voters. Coincidence? I think not. It seems like Biden is playing politics instead of focusing on the actual issue at hand. We all remember when the administration vetoed a UN resolution similar to Biden’s proposal, just when Israeli strikes were intensifying.

Here’s the thing, Joe. When terrorist organizations like Hamas are involved, there can be no talk of pauses or two-state solutions. The October 7 attacks have clearly shown that any discussions about a two-state solution may be irreparable. This is not the time for academic exercises; this is war. We need to let Israel do what it needs to eradicate Hamas and eliminate the terrorist threat. The international community should stand firmly behind Israel in its efforts.

It’s also worth noting that mainstream outlets are finally starting to catch on to the fact that Hamas steals and hoards relief aid. So, how can we talk about humanitarian pauses when those who would benefit from them are the ones stealing and benefiting from aid meant for the innocent people of Gaza? It’s time to realize that a ceasefire only helps the terrorists, and anyone who supports peace, Israel, and the elimination of Hamas should remain steadfast in their demands. We cannot give in to the pressures of pro-terrorist activists.

Written by Staff Reports

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