Biden’s “Pause” in Gaza Conflict: Hamas’ Newest Ally?

In a recent campaign event in Minnesota, President Biden once again showed his true colors when it comes to the Israeli invasion of Gaza. He shamelessly called for a “pause” in the conflict, which basically translates to a ceasefire. And who would benefit the most from this? None other than the terrorist organization known as Hamas. It’s no surprise that Biden’s administration has consistently shown a careless and weak attitude towards this issue.

But let’s not forget that just a few weeks ago, when Israeli air and artillery strikes were intensifying, the United States boldly vetoed a UN resolution that called for something similar to a “pause.” The timing of Biden’s recent remarks is hard to ignore. It’s all too clear that he is trying to pander to his pro-terrorist sympathizing voter base, especially in a state like Minnesota, which he needs to win next year.

During the event, a member of the audience, claiming to be a rabbi, shouted for Biden to call for an immediate ceasefire. And what was Biden’s response? He took the opportunity to exert pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to give Palestinians a break from Israel’s much-needed military operation. Biden even claimed that he convinced both Netanyahu and the Egyptian President to allow aid into Gaza. How noble of him!

But here’s the truth that Biden conveniently ignores: there can be no talk of pauses or two-state solutions when one party involved is a terrorist organization. The October 7 attacks by Hamas have irreparably damaged any hope for a peaceful resolution. It’s time to let Israel do what needs to be done to eradicate this terrorist threat. This is war, and Israel needs the time and support to eliminate Hamas once and for all.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to see mainstream outlets finally catching on to the fact that Hamas steals and hoards relief aid. So, why on earth would we support a ceasefire that only benefits the terrorists? Anyone who truly supports Israel, peace, and the elimination of Hamas should not waver in their demands to hold these pro-terrorist activists accountable.

It’s clear that President Biden’s “pause” remarks only serve to further weaken our stance against terrorism and embolden our enemies. It’s time for true leadership that stands with our ally Israel and takes a strong, unwavering stance against terrorism. We must not let the Biden administration’s temperamental attitude and misguided policies undermine our national security and the safety of our allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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