Biden Botches Again: Israel Debunks ‘Pause’ Policy Claim Instantly!

In yet another embarrassing display of incompetence, the Biden administration announced an agreement on “pauses,” only to be swiftly swept off their feet by Israel. The Biden team has been stumbling over their words and contradicting themselves when it comes to their stance on “pauses” and ceasefires with Israel. First, they claimed that Biden was pushing for a ceasefire with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, only to walk that back. Then, Biden admitted to asking for a three-day pause and a “longer pause,” but refused to call it a ceasefire to avoid offending one part of his base. However, now it seems that the Biden administration is trying to spin the ad hoc pauses that Israel has been implementing as a major breakthrough agreement. Surprise, surprise – the Biden team is not telling the truth.

As reported by Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, the Biden team tried to present the Israeli pauses as a daily occurrence that they had achieved. However, it turns out that Israel has been implementing tactical pauses all along to allow civilians to evacuate. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have been allowing 50,000 civilians to evacuate to the south during these tactical pauses, but they have no plans to make it a commitment unless the conditions on the ground require it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office even dismissed the White House’s statement, making it clear that there was no agreed-upon daily four-hour humanitarian pause.

It’s clear that the Biden team was trying to pander to their radical base and boost their own image by exaggerating their achievements. But in doing so, they have damaged their relationship with Israel. Our allies must be questioning the reliability and credibility of the Biden administration, and that puts us all in danger. It’s concerning when the president’s words are not true and he doesn’t seem to understand what is happening on the ground. The Biden administration’s handling of this situation is a prime example of their incompetence and the dangers that come with it.

Written by Staff Reports

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