Jill Stein 2024: Ditching Dems After ‘Broken Promises’ Bombshell!

Jill Stein, known for her unsuccessful run in the 2016 presidential election, has announced her bid for presidency once again. Stein’s platform centers around the guarantee of a “living-wage” job, along with other basic necessities such as housing, food, and healthcare. She claims that the American people are tired of being let down by the “wealthy elites” and their “bought politicians”.

In her announcement video on social media, Stein expressed her frustration with the current state of affairs, blaming the “failed” two-party system and their ties to Wall Street. She believes that the political system is broken and that the two major parties are “squandering trillions on the endless war machine” instead of prioritizing the needs of the American people.

Stein specifically calls out the Democrats for repeatedly betraying their promises to working people, youth, and the climate, while claiming that Republicans don’t even bother making such promises in the first place. She argues that both parties pose a danger to democracy, listing examples such as censorship, suppressing debates, and rigging primaries.

As part of her campaign, Stein aims to create living-wage jobs for all Americans and address issues such as inequality, endless war, and climate collapse. She also supports an “Economic Bill of Rights” that includes the right to a job, healthcare, housing, food, education, and more. Stein believes that change can only come from the people and that they have the power to build an America that works for everyone.

Stein’s campaign website further elaborates on her priorities, emphasizing the need for a Green New Deal, freedom, equality, and justice for all. She also calls for peace, global human rights, real democracy, and an end to systemic discrimination against various marginalized groups.

With the announcement of her presidential bid, Stein could potentially detract voters from the Biden campaign. The Democrats are all too familiar with this situation, as many of them previously blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump on Stein’s presence in the race.

Jill Stein’s bid for presidency seems like another far-left attempt to impose government control and redistribution of wealth. Her promises of a “living-wage” job, along with free housing, healthcare, education, and more, are simply unrealistic and would only lead to economic downfall. The American people deserve a leader who understands the value of individual freedom and limited government intervention, not one who advocates for radical policies that would burden hardworking taxpayers. Stein’s candidacy only serves to highlight the extreme and out-of-touch views held by the far-left wing of the Democratic Party.

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