Texas GOP Guns for Real Border Fix, Senate Dems Balk at Patriotism

The Texas tough guys in the House are giving their spineless Senate cohorts a real run for their money over a proposition to move forward with Ukraine funding in return for some much-needed border security measures. Those controversial Texans argue that the plan just doesn’t cut it when it comes to tackling illegal immigration head-on.

The Lone Star State lawmakers are really laying on the pressure, urging the Senate to take up the Republican-backed border security bill that made it through the House earlier this year without any pesky Democratic support. But here’s the kicker: when it comes time for the upper chamber to have their say, the bill just can’t seem to rustle up enough backing for a vote. Cue the dramatic music, folks.

All but one of the Texas House Republicans proudly signed a letter, which included the delegation’s “Texas Border Plan” that was unleashed late last year and had a big influence on the House GOP’s star-studded H.R. 2. The fiery group made it clear that their plan should be the main focus, rather than some wishy-washy bills that try to mix border security with aid for Ukraine.

The letter spat out, “Now, nearly one year after this plan was introduced, the crisis at our southern border has only gotten worse. Migrants continue to flow across the border only to get released into the U.S.” Can’t you just hear the frustration and exasperation dripping from those words?

But it doesn’t stop there! The Senate has their own ideas, led by a trio of stubborn fellows – Sens. Lindsey Graham, James Lankford, and Tom Cotton – who have spent weeks crafting a proposal to address what they see as the shortcomings in the House plan. Sounds like a real hoot, doesn’t it?

Despite the Texans acknowledging that “there are other ideas that could be added to aid the effort,” they’re sticking to their guns, insisting that the Senate should focus on getting the whole shebang of H.R. 2 passed just like the House did. It’s like a game of political tug-of-war, and neither side seems willing to back down.

The Senate plan is already getting the cold shoulder from Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who isn’t shy about calling it a “nonstarter” in the Democratic Senate. And as for H.R. 2 making its big debut on the Senate floor? Not gonna happen, according to Schumer. And just to add to the fun, President Biden has thrown down the gauntlet, threatening to veto the legislation if it somehow manages to shimmy its way onto his desk.

Now, it seems like House Speaker Mike Johnson might be open to the idea of bringing together separate bills for border security and aid for Ukraine, but there’s no guarantee the rest of the GOP crowd will hop on board. Oh, the drama! It’s like a never-ending political soap opera, and you can’t help but grab the popcorn and settle in for the show.

Written by Staff Reports

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