Biden Bows to Trump: Greenlights Border Wall Construction in Texas!

Former President Donald Trump was quick to criticize President Joe Biden’s new policy on building walls on the southern border. In a post on Truth Social, Trump called out Biden for breaking environmental laws and took credit for the miles of border wall he built during his presidency. Trump demanded an apology from Biden for taking so long to address immigration and allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

The Biden administration had previously halted border wall construction when they took office in January 2021. However, they have now decided to resume construction, using funds allocated by Congress in 2019 under the Trump administration. The Department of Homeland Security has waived certain laws and regulations to expedite the construction of barriers and roads in South Texas.

Trump has been a vocal critic of Biden’s border policy, promising significant changes to immigration processes and touting his plans for a massive deportation operation. As the frontrunner in the Republican presidential primary, Trump maintains a strong lead over other candidates. In a hypothetical 2024 election matchup between Trump and Biden, polls show a close race, with Trump holding a slim advantage.

It’s no surprise that Trump is taking issue with Biden’s border wall decision. Trump sees the wall as a crucial tool for protecting our borders and reducing illegal immigration. He believes that his own border policies were effective and that Biden’s reversal is a mistake. As Trump’s popularity remains strong among conservatives, it’s clear that he will continue to be a thorn in Biden’s side on this issue.

It’s refreshing to see that the Biden administration is finally recognizing the need for strong border security. The construction of the border wall will help prevent drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other illegal activities. It’s about time that Biden put the safety and well-being of Americans first. However, it’s important to hold Biden accountable for the time it took to make this decision. His delay has already allowed millions of illegal immigrants to enter the country, putting a strain on resources and potentially compromising national security. Biden owes Trump and the American people an apology for his inaction. Let’s hope that this reversal is a step in the right direction and not just a political move to appease his supporters.

Written by Staff Reports

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