Biden Busted! Family History Fumble Exposed

Breaking news, folks! President Joe Biden has been caught fibbing about being the first in his family to attend college. Hold on to your MAGA hats because the truth is out there! In a recent speech, Biden proudly claimed to have been the trailblazer in his family, paving the way to higher education. But guess what? False alarm, liberals! Turns out, his maternal grandfather strutted his stuff at Santa Clara College way back in 1957. Looks like ol’ Biden’s got some competition in the academic arena.

Can you believe the audacity of Sleepy Joe? Making false claims left and right just to push his student loan forgiveness plan. It’s like the more lies he tells, the more debt he wants to forgive. Classic liberal move, am I right? And let’s not forget about the Justice Department blocking access to the interview tape with Robert Hur. What are they hiding, folks? Probably more lies to cover up Biden’s tracks like a corrupt swamp creature.

But don’t worry, truth-seekers, because conservative reporters like Joseph Casieri are here to set the record straight. Biden may try to spin his family history, but the facts don’t lie. And neither do we. It’s time for Uncle Joe to own up to his deceptive ways and stop fooling the American people with his tall tales.

So next time you hear Biden boasting about being the first in his family to don a graduation cap, just remember the real MVP: his grandpa at Santa Clara College. And let’s hope Biden’s memory sharpens up faster than a pencil in a MAGA sharpener. Let’s keep those fact-checkers busy and hold our leaders accountable, one fib at a time. Go America!

Written by Staff Reports

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