Biden Cheers as US Citizens Abandon Gaza: Where’s the Outrage?

President Biden expressed satisfaction on Wednesday as U.S. citizens and other foreign nationals successfully left the war-torn area of Gaza. The opening of the Rafah border crossing into Egypt marked a significant step toward their safe escape since the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks on Israel. From Minnesota, the president commended the outcome, attributing it to the tireless efforts of American diplomats working alongside regional allies.

“We’ve been pulling out all the stops to ensure the safe evacuation of Americans from Gaza,” Biden proclaimed proudly.

He referred to this initial wave of departures as just the first group, anticipating that thousands more foreign nationals, including American citizens, would follow suit in the coming days. While U.S. officials have not divulged the precise number of Americans who managed to flee, it remains uncertain if all 400 U.S. citizens thought to be trapped in Gaza will be able to make their escape in the days ahead.

The first batch of evacuees crossed into Egypt on Wednesday, seeking refuge from the desperate circumstances unfolding in Gaza. As Israel relentlessly continues its airstrikes, a humanitarian crisis has unfolded, forcing thousands from their homes and causing severe shortages of crucial resources such as food, water, and fuel.

One of Israel’s most recent attacks targeted a densely populated refugee camp near Gaza City, obliterating several apartment buildings. Al-Jazeera captured footage of wounded individuals, including innocent children, being rushed to a local hospital. In light of these dire circumstances, President Biden reassured the public that the United States remains committed to providing humanitarian aid and support to the innocent people of Gaza.

While acknowledging Israel’s right to defend its citizens against terrorist threats, Biden also emphasized the need for Israel to adhere to international humanitarian law and prioritize the protection of all civilians.

Rest assured, folks, the Biden administration has its eyes firmly fixed on the situation and is doing everything it can to ensure the safety and well-being of American citizens while extending a helping hand to those caught in the crossfire.

Written by Staff Reports

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