Biden Claims Gains in Battlegrounds but Skeptics See Reality Check

Joe Biden supposedly managed to claw back some ground in battleground states following his first debate face-off against Donald Trump. But conservatives are right to be skeptical about this narrative. A new poll by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult suggests Biden is nipping at Trump’s heels with a 47%-45% standing in seven key states—an interesting development considering the endless gaffes and questions around Biden’s mental fitness to even run for the local HOA, let alone the White House.

Let’s break this down: Trump had been comfortably ahead with 49% to Biden’s 43% in late April, but now the gap has narrowed. Liberals and the mainstream media will declare victory, but it’s important to note the polls swing like a pendulum. The latest results show Biden slightly ahead in Wisconsin for the first time since March and concurrently amplifying his lead to five points in Michigan. Last most Americans checked the guy couldn’t remember what he had for breakfast, but now he’s pulling ahead. Someone call the scriptwriters because this plot is getting wild.

Even though Biden’s camp is waving pom-poms over Wisconsin and Michigan, it’s Trump who still holds a strong position in Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. 
The margin may be narrower, but a lead is a lead, folks. Biden isn’t making the kind of splash the Dems were hoping for in these key battlegrounds. They’ve also got to be biting their nails over Nevada, where Trump just picked up a three-point lead, and in Pennsylvania, where the former president commands a clear 51%-44% advantage. Pennsylvania, with its precious 19 electoral votes, has been a must-win for both parties, and Trump’s soaring numbers are enough to leave the Democrats waking up in a cold sweat.

No matter how the Biden campaign tries to spin it, their guy is still taking flak on all sides. House Democrats are openly suggesting the 81-year-old retire, while big-money donors are locking their wallets unless the DNC swaps him out. Biden, however, is digging in his heels. Despite five Democratic lawmakers urging him to bow out and donors threatening to close the cash pipeline, he insists he’s not going anywhere unless divine intervention tells him to.

So, while the poll’s numbers might look good on paper for Biden, the underlying reality is that he’s still struggling to gain genuine momentum. And with another debate looming, it’s anyone’s guess if he can hold it together long enough to convince the American people he’s fit for another term. Hold on to your hats because this election season is bound to be a wild ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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