Biden Clings to Candidacy as Democrats Fracture Ahead of Convention

The clock is ticking, and President Joe Biden is playing a high-stakes game of “Let’s See How Long I Can Last” ahead of the Democratic National Convention. Despite a dam about to burst in his political future, Biden is holding on with the tenacity of a cat with its last life. During recent House Democratic caucus meetings and frantic calls with frontline Democrats, who are sweating bullets over Biden’s competency, the president seems more focused on running out the clock than addressing their concerns.

A dissident group of nine House Democrats and one senator, Vermont’s Peter Welch, have had enough and are publicly calling for Biden to bow out of the presidential race. These brave souls are practically begging for someone competent to step up. Yet, after a chaotic caucus meeting, the Democrats came out even more divided. Imagine that – some left thinking they were all on the same page while others were so out of sync you’d think their party anthem was “The Sound of Silence.”

With the convention a mere two months away, it’s crunch time for the Democrats. If they want to dump Biden, they have to act quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof. Biden, however, is sticking to his guns, declaring his candidacy in numerous letters, phone calls, and at rallies, like a broken record stuck on “I’m Running.” The leadership’s ambiguous comments about this being Biden’s decision not only scream panic but also hint that even top Democrats are nervously holding their breath.

Enter former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who added fuel to the speculative fire by emphasizing that it’s Biden’s choice whether to stay in the race. This sparked immediate frenzy, as pundits scrambled to decipher if Pelosi was surrendering to the inevitable or subtly suggesting that Biden’s decision isn’t set in stone. It’s like a soap opera where everyone is waiting for the next plot twist.

House Minority Whip Katherine Clark tried to assure everyone that there’s no daylight between the caucus and Biden, painting a picture of perfect unity. Meanwhile, Dina Titus of Nevada might as well have set her hair on fire, hinting that the president hasn’t truly decided yet despite his public declarations. Titus pointed to an upcoming press conference as a pivotal moment, where Biden’s uncanny ability to dodge tough questions will be tested once again.

The Democratic puppet master, Hakeem Jeffries, has vowed to relay these concerns to Biden. This after he’s been burning the candle at both ends, meeting with swing-district Democrats and the New Democrat Coalition. Some members are grumbling that Biden’s insistence on running doesn’t make it a done deal. Jared Huffman hilariously compared Biden’s supposed certainty to deciding to take an Uber only to switch to the Metro because of traffic. Clearly, the Democrats will need more than an app to navigate this mess.

In case Biden does step aside, Vice President Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings. But she’s more of a fallback plan with historically low approval ratings. If Harris had any higher popularity with voters, Biden would hand over the reins faster than you can say “midterm disaster.” Instead, the idea of Harris leading the ticket has parts of the party breaking out in hives.

It doesn’t help that former President Trump weighed in, calling Biden’s pick of Harris as VP the “greatest insurance policy of all time.” Trump quipped that if Biden had chosen someone halfway competent, he would have been given the boot ages ago. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Some Republicans suggest that a vote for Biden might as well be a vote for Harris, speculating that Biden could win only to step down mid-term, letting Harris take over. Despite all the nail-biting, certain Democrats refuse to entertain such concerns. Senator Michael Bennet insists Harris has been doing a fine job and that there’s no need for further discussion. Talk about whistling past the graveyard.

As all this drama unfolds, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise blasts the Democrats for questioning Biden’s abilities now, despite this train wreck being visible on the horizon for years. Scalise pointed out that this back-door scheming to replace Biden underscores the Democrats’ complete disdain for their own voters. With 14 million Democrats backing Biden in the primaries, the idea that a few elite insiders could override their choice is just about as elitist and arrogant as it gets.

Written by Staff Reports

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