Swing-District Democrats in Disarray Following Biden’s Debate Debacle

Democrats have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off ever since President Biden’s disastrous debate performance last month. Sure, the president, ever the fighter, has been pushing back against pressure from everyone—from donors to pundits to even some elected officials—to step aside. He made it crystal clear in his Monday letter to congressional Democrats that he’s sticking around.

Swing-district Democrats, meanwhile, are spiralling into unhinged panic mode. Axios reported that a recent meeting among these vulnerable members ended with “actual tears” as they came to grips with the grim reality. Before the House Democrats convened for their Tuesday “come-to-Jesus” meeting, a smaller, more distraught gathering of swing-district Democrats was held. Sources said that despondency hung thick in the air, with members practically sobbing into their sleeves.

This matters greatly because this group of battleground House Democrats is one of the last standing fortresses in a Democratic movement that’s falling apart faster than Biden’s approval rating. One shell-shocked lawmaker described the meeting as “intense” while another noted how unanimous the sentiment was—Biden’s got to go. And to rub salt in the wound, the tears weren’t even for Biden. Ouch.

Zooming out, the Democratic full caucus meeting wasn’t any better. It was a cacophony of confusion, with lawmakers defending Biden while others openly fretted about his ability to face off against former President Trump. One House Democrat who attended both meetings lamented that most of their caucus still backs Biden, spelling doom for both their party and the country. Apparently, common sense is in short supply among Senate Democrats.

Adding a twist of the knife, the National Republican Congressional Committee sent a sympathy package to DCCC Chairwoman Suzan DelBene: flowers, a card, and a box of tissues. This wasn’t just any old box of tissues, but “ultra-soft” tissues, apt for the so-called “ultra-soft” swing-district members. The card read, “With Sympathy,” letting them know that thoughts and prayers are with them in their time of sorrow.

Macy Gardner from the NRCC couldn’t resist commenting that House Democrats might be keeping mum to the press about Biden’s fitness for office, but everyone heard about the melodramatic tear-fest their swing-district members had. Gardner hoped the tissues wouldn’t all be used up now since the Democrats may need them again come November. NRCC even tweeted a cheeky reminder: better keep some tissues for the electoral heartbreaks in November.

Written by Staff Reports

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