First Senate Democrat Urges Biden To Exit Presidential Race

The Walls Are Closing In: First Senate Democrat Calls on Biden to Withdraw From Presidential Race

In a shocking turn of events, Sen. Peter Welch (D-VT) has taken a bold stand by calling for President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race. This move comes after growing concerns about Biden’s electability, with even former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer reportedly questioning Biden’s capacity to take on Trump.

Welch, in an op-ed for the Washington Post, emphasized the high stakes of the upcoming election and pointed to Biden’s disastrous debate performance as a major red flag. The senator highlighted the concerns of voters in his state, who fear that not only would Biden lose to Trump in a landslide, but even if he somehow managed to win, he may not be fit to lead the country.

As the first Democrat senator to formally distance himself from the Biden campaign, Welch’s call for withdrawal raises questions about whether other Democrats will follow suit. With Pelosi’s recent comments and Schumer reportedly open to endorsing a new candidate, the pressure on Biden is mounting.

Biden’s attempt to salvage his image with scheduled press conferences and interviews may be too little, too late. The growing skepticism about his ability to defeat Trump and effectively govern is casting a dark shadow over his campaign. Welch’s plea for Biden to prioritize the country’s interests over his own political ambitions adds to the chorus of doubt surrounding the president’s candidacy.

The coming days will reveal whether Welch’s bold move marks the beginning of a larger exodus of Democratic support for Biden. As the cracks in the Biden campaign widen, it remains to be seen if he can staunch the bleeding or if his downfall is inevitable.

Written by Staff Reports

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